Preparing Your Home for a Spring Sale

Spring is the perfect season for introducing your home to the buyers’ market. With the market improving for sellers in spring, it is a good time to plan a sale. You will probably see signboards with “For Sale” on quite a few front yards of homes around Sydney during spring. If you are looking to sell your home, prepping and staging the home is an important aspect. Staging your home for the real estate market involves careful planning and detailed execution.

Here are a few steps for preparing your home for a spring sale:


Look at your home from a buyer’s perspective

A home needs to appeal to a prospective buyer. Apart from details like the size of the home, number of rooms and amenities, buyers look for spaces that feel like home. Keeping the buyers perspective in mind, think of creating a welcoming ambience. Hold inspections during the day when the light fills the rooms, creating a favourable visual appeal. Organise and arrange the furniture and closets in a way that makes the rooms look spacious and airy. Let the buyers walk through thinking that this is a place that they could relate to.

Revive your outdoor space

The exteriors of a home can make or break the first impressions of the property. The area from the curb to the front yard may end up looking dull due to the impact of the earlier winter months. Reviving your lawn or garden is an important step to draw in potential buyers. Paint your fence, plant fresh spring flowers and mow your lawn to make your outdoor space look fresh and new again. Colours play a huge part in livening up the space and making the property look attractive.


Spring-clean and de-clutter your living space

Prepare your living space for visitors. Wash and clean the windows and the kitchen counter, scrub the floors and surfaces of furniture in the living room and the bedrooms etc. just like you would during a traditional spring cleaning. Replace any items that are worn out or broken. Change the curtains, sheets and rugs as well. Make use of a good air freshener or aroma diffusers to create a positive vibe. A clean home will leave a favourable impression on the mind of anyone who walks in.


Revamp your interiors

This is more of an “extra mile” for sprucing up your interiors. Hiring an interior designing professional will be a good investment. Giving your home a quick makeover will increase your chances of attracting buyers. Interior designing professionals know how to bring out the best elements of a home and highlight them. Your home can be transformed beautifully with the help of colours and spring décor.

Hire a real estate agent

Spring is a major selling season. There is bound to be a lot of competition from neighbouring areas or homes within the same neighbourhood. Your home will be one among many homes on the market. This is precisely why having a good real estate agent is important. Your agent can make a world of a difference to the chances your property has in the market. A good experienced agent will walk you through a successful spring sale.

When you plan on selling your home, getting the word out there is crucial. Use the available mediums of marketing like brochures, posters, online advertisements and social media posts to attract the most amounts of buyers to your property as possible. The experienced team at All Property People are specialised in putting together an effective marketing strategy for you. The effectiveness of your marketing strategy will better your chances of having more people turn up for inspections; the more people will result in a Premium Sales Price!

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Preparing Your Home for a Spring Sale